Welcome to the Blog

My name is Joni, and I envision this blog to be a story about how a woman decides to take charge of her life after years of “letting” life unfold in front of her. I decided to take charge by embarking on my weight loss journey, which has also turned into a journey of strength, physical and mental as well as a journey of discovering self-empowerment. My journey is one of discovering all of the things I have ever wanted to do and taking action to DO THEM.

During this journey, and especially in the last few years of my life, I have worked through my self-limiting thoughts about “who I should be” and “who do you think you are” when doing things that I could never envision doing before. I am still working through those thoughts and ideals now. I want you to know that all of these thoughts are normal, and you too can work to become the best you that you want to be in your life. I want you to see that I am similar to you. I don’t have all of the answers, yet I still seek them and I trip up and fail. A LOT. I am still showing up as my absolute best self so I can become who I truly desire.

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